Specialty Optics


Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm EF Mount (Brand New) = $300

Angenieux Optimo 1.4x Extender = SOLD


ARRI-MACRO Primes Set of 6 = SOLD

Includes: 16mm T2.1, 24mm T2.1, 32mm T2.1, 40mm T2.1, 50mm T3, & 200mm T4.3

Century Precision Optics

Century Precision 2x Extender = $1,000

Century Precision Super Wide Low Angle Prism = SOLD

Century Precision Clairmont Swing/Shift System Set of 11 = SOLD

Includes: 17mm T4, 20mm T2.8, 24mm T3.5, 35mm T2.8, 45mm T2.8, 55mm T2.8, 75mm T2.8, 90mm T2.8,

105mm T2.4, 135mm T4, & 150mm T3.5


Optex Excellence Periscope Probe System = SOLD

Includes: Motion Picture Relay Module T5.6, 35mm Motion Picture Module, 90° (Prism) Module, Probe Module, 120° Lens, 100° Lens,

78° Lens, 60° Lens, (6) Tiffen 49mm Filters (Clear, Circular Polarizer, ND3, ND6, ND9, ND1.2), Clip-On Shade, Support Bracket, & Flight Case

Optica Magnus

Optica Magnus Full Frame Director’s Finder = $14,000 Like New Condition

Includes: Full Frame Director’s Finder, PL Mount, LPL Mount, Anamorphic Desqueezer Module,

Full Frame Eyepiece, Super 35 Eyepiece, & Pelican/Storm Case


Zeiss “ASPHERON” 5666 Wide Angle Adapter = $2,000

Converts Super-16 Zeiss Distagon 9.5mm to 5.9mm

& Super-16 Zeiss Distagon 12mm to 6.6mm