Aaton 35-III 35mm Film Camera Package = $10,000

Includes: 35-III Camera Body s/n:121, 4-Perf Movement, Adjustable Mirror Shutter, ACAD + TVTRANS + TV Safe Ground Glass,

PL & PV Mounts, Top Handle w/Pitch & Mirror Shutter Adjusting Tools, NTSC Video Sync Assist, Aaton Code, OriginCplus Controller,

Aaton Eyepiece, Aaton Eyepiece Extension, (4) 400-ft. Magazine, Handgrip w/Mini-Rod Bracket, Set of Threaded Front Mini-Rods (15mm),

Bridge Plate (15mm), Sliding Base Plate, Set of Long Iris Rods (15mm), (3) 12v Ni-Cad On-Board Battery, PAG Micromaster Fast Charger,

Camera Power Cables, Rain Cover, & Flight Cases

Aaton Penelope 35mm Film Camera Package = $75,000 *** 2-Perf and 3-Perf Movements ***

Includes: Penelope Camera Body s/n:P017, 2-Perf & 3-Perf Movement Kits, PL & PV Mounts, NTSC Video Tap, P+S Technik Eyepiece,

Heated Eyecup, Arriflex FE-3 & FE-5 Finder Extensions, (4) Viewing Screen (2.35+1.78 (2P), 2,35+1.78 (3P), 1.78+TV Safe (3P), 1.85 (3P),

Top Handle, (4) 400-ft. Magazine, Handgrip w/Mini-Rod Bracket, Wicam Analog-SDI Converter/Splitter, AJA Analog to HD SDI Converter,

Run Cable, Set of Threaded Mini-Rods (15mm), (4) 14v Li-Ion On-Board Battery, (2) CHA "LI" Li-Ion Charger, Bridge Plate, Sliding Base Plate,

 Set of Long Iris Rods, Video Power Cables, Camera Power Cables, & Flight Cases

West Coast Cine Video, Inc


Arriflex 35-III Film Camera Package = $3,000

Includes: Arriflex 35-III Camera Body, Jurgen’s Color Video Door, Orientable Door, Eyepiece, Right-Hand Grip,

Carry Handle, Cinematography Electronics Crystal Speed Control, Cinematography Electronics Accessory Block,

Cinematography Electronics Intervalometer w/ Power Cable, (3) 400-ft. Magazines, (3) 200-ft. Magazines, Video Door Cables,

Camera Power Cables, & Flight Cases

Arriflex 535B 35mm Film Camera Package = $10,000

Includes: 535B Camera Body, 4-Perf Movement, NTSC Color Video Assist, Camera Grip Handle System, Swing-Over Finder,

Wide Angle Eyepiece, Finder Extension, Eyepiece Leveler, (2) 400-ft Magazine, (3) 1000-ft Magazine, BP-3 Bridge Plate (15mm),

Sliding Base Plate, Set of Iris Rods, Camera Power Cable, IVS Power Cable, & Flight Cases

Arriflex ARRICAM ST 35mm Film Camera Package = SOLD

Includes: ST Camera Body s/n:6505, 4-Perf Movement, Studio IVS (PAL), Studio 100% Video Tap (w/Motor Bracket),

Studio Mask Frameglow, Speed Control Box, Studio Readout, Studio Eyepiece, Eyecup, Studio Viewfinder, Anamorphic Eyepiece Extension,

(3) 400-ft. Magazine, 1000-ft. Magazine, Dual Port Adapter, Back Load Adapter, Magazine Stabilization Bracket, Lens Light,

24v Camera Power Cable, & Flight Cases


Moviecam SL Mk-1 Camera Package = $18,000

Includes: SL Mk-1 Camera Body, 4-Perf Movement, Color IVS, Mk-1 Viewfinder, Speed Control Box, Synco Box, Lens Control,

(2) 1000-ft. Magazine, (2) 400-ft. Magazine, (2) 400-ft. Compact Steadi-Mag, (2) 400-ft. SL Magazine, SL to Compact Magazine Adapter

Carrying Handle, Handgrip, Lens Light, Steadicam Plate, Adapter Plate w/Cable, Variable Speed Knob

West Coast Cine Video, Inc

Moviecam Compact Mk-2 Camera Package = $20,000

Includes: Compact Mk-2 Camera Body, 3-Perf Movement, Color IVS, Non-Anamorphic Mk-2 Viewfinder, Mk-2 Viewfinder Extension,

(2) 1000-ft. Magazine, (2) 400-ft. Magazine, Top Load Magazine Adapter, Carrying Handle, Handgrip, Lens Light, Shoulder Pad

West Coast Cine Video, Inc