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Plates & Brackets

Ronford-Baker Quick Release System - Small (Brand New) = $600

Ronford-Baker Quick Release System - Large (Brand New) = $700


Arriflex BP-12 ALEXA Bridge Plate (19mm) = $350


18-inch Baseplate (Brand New) = $600

24-inch Baseplate (Brand New) = $800  


Arriflex Studio Bridge Lens Support Bracket - 15mm = $300


CP Adjustable Studio Bridge Lens Support Bracket - 19mm (Brand New) = $450


CAS Studio Bridge Lens Support Bracket -15mm or 19mm (Brand New) = $550



Rota Pola

4x5.650 w/4.5” Filter (Brand New) = $850

5x5.650 w/138mm Filter - Standard Back (Brand New) = $950

5x5.650 w/138mm Filter - Cropped Back (Brand New) = $950

6.6x6.6 w/162mm Filter (Brand New) = $1,250

Includes: Schneider Circular True-Pol Filter & Cordura Pouch




ARRI ARRIHEAD Reduction Gears Set = $6,000


Mitchell High Hat w/Board (Brand New) = $375

Mitchell Low Hat w/Board (Brand New) = $425


Tuffpak Molded Shipping Tube for HD Standard Tripod (Brand New) = $360

Tuffpak Molded Shipping Tube for HD Baby Tripod (Brand New) = $310








USED Tiffen & Schneider Filters




Codex CDX-3790 SxS PRO Card Adapter = $500




Angenieux Optimo 1.4x Extender (Brand New) = $3,000


Angenieux Optimo EF Mount (Brand New) = $200 each


Cooke Optics miniS4/i Uncoated Rear Element Set of 6 (Brand New) = $1,000

Includes: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, & 100mm

Duclos Lenses 2x Anamorphic Adapter (Brand New) = $11,000

Works with: Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm, Angenieux HR17-102mm, Angenieux HR25-250mm, Angenieux HP25-250mm, Angenieux 20-120mm

- Cooke Varotal 18-100mm, Cooke Varotal 20-100mm, Cooke Varotal 25-250mm, & Optex Converted Telephotos


Veydra 1.2x PL to PL Expander (Brand New) = $2,500


Zeiss “ASPHERON” 5666 Wide Angle Front = $2,500

Converts Super-16 9.5mm to 5.9mm or Super-16 12mm to 6.6mm

Converts Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 10-100mm or 11-110mm Zooms into 6mm when set to Macro-Mode



Follow Focus

Arriflex FF2 Follow Focus (15mm) = $1,500

Includes: Focus Knob Right, Left Focus Knob, Prime Lens Gear, Zoom Lens Gear, & Marking Discs


Nikon Reversing Gear (Brand New) = $250


Matte Box

Duclos LMB-4 Backplate for ARRI/Zeiss 16.5-110mm Master Zoom = $275

Arriflex LMB-4A Clip-On Matte Box = $1,200


Arriflex MB-14 Matte Box System (15mm) = $4,500

Includes: 4-Stage Back w/Frames, Light Shield Set (Top+Bottom+Sides), Set of Masks, French Flag Holder, 80mm & 95mm Rear Bellows, & Flight Case




Oconnor O-Rig Pro Kit (Brand New) = $2,000

Includes: Universal Baseplate, Body Mount, Height Adapter Set, Set of Horizontal Support Rods (15mm), Single Jointed Set,

Offset Adapter, Height Adapter, Counterweight Set, Pelican Storm Case



HD Broadcast


(14) Boxx Meridian Zero Delay Wireless Microwave Broadcast System = Accepting Offers

Includes: Transmitter, Portable Receiver, Boxx 5 Array 20db Directional Antenna, (4) Transmitter Antenna, (5) Receiver Antenna, AC Adapter,

2pin Lemo to 4pin Hirose Cable, 3pin Fischer to 4pin Hirose Cable 4pin Hirose to 4pin XLR Cable, & Custom Pelican Case